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Me flirting


    Me flirting

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  2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun + TV Tropes
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    This was my favorite thing ever.

    A Korean movie, addressing how ridiculous Korean dramas are, recycling the same twist and sad ending- and that one guy at the end is just like NOPE, I’M DONE, and storms off.

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    They just stand there watching the poor man being attacked by a vicious horse

    The world is cruel

    but also beautiful

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  7. Iwaoi: My support, you sustain me

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  10. The cultures of people of color are either packaged for consumption or called upon to fill cultural and spiritual voids of Eurocentrism.

    Michael Vavrus

    That shit blew my mind and made understanding cultural appropriation way clearer for me. 

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    people get so caught up on one small thing they don’t like, like their nose or something

    things like salt and baking powder go into a cake and those things are gross alone but the cake is pretty damn delicious

    this is the best fucking thing I’ve ever read

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  12. Conversation I overheard at work

    • Customer: How can you do this job (stripping)? Isn't it degrading having to take your clothes of for money?
    • Dancer: You're the guy that just forked out $300 for me to take my clothes off. Isn't it degrading having to pay that much before a girl who looks like me will take her clothes for you?
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    dont let tumblr make you think

    • school isnt important
    • its okay to be rude to your parents
    • its normal to hate everyone
    • self harm and suicide are romantic or great
    • being rude is cute
    • being a female who hits or yells at your boyfriend is woman empowerment
    • depression and other mental illnesses are beautiful
    • grades arent important
    • education isnt important
    • college isnt important
    • smoking is cool
    • drugs are cool
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  15. Iwaoi: A love bloomed young

    Alternately, The Keeper and the King

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